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Wood for Thought offers employment opportunities for those that have cognitive impairments. Those looking for employment in a creative field should contact Wes Haddaway.

Their Philosophy: Many of our Craftspersons have cognitive impairments, such as Autism or Alzheimer. We design our art, décor, and furniture together. For many of us designing and making is therapeutic and stimulating. We specialize in making works inspired by historical and contemporary ideas and events. We hope each piece can inspire thought and conversation. Our goal is for our work to be a useful and a thought provoking experience. Our works are also stimulating for our craftspersons who are makers and designers. Our workers participate in a creative process in which they see their ideas and efforts turn into art in their own hands. At Wood For Thought every job is meaningful work for people with any abilities. We use a variety of materials and finishes as well construction and finishing techniques to recognize diversity in nature and people.

Email: [email protected]
City: Richmond
State: Virginia
Office phone: 804-477-4976