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The Feeding Program at Children’s Hospital consists of a multi-disciplinary team of specialists that are committed to helping children with autism overcome challenges that affect their feeding development and overall growth.
The program models a “Medical-Oral Motor/Sensory-Behavioral” treatment framework that is incorporated into the evaluation process and treatment model. The multi-disciplinary team assesses and targets each individual area that may be contributing to the feeding problem, and then develops an individualized treatment plan with parent involvement at every step. The Feeding Program offers two tiers of treatment via outpatient therapy services and the day patient program to address more severe feeding challenges. The program takes a comprehensive and supportive approach that not only incorporates a child’s medical and developmental needs, but addresses family education and training for successful home carryover.
The Feeding Program services children between the ages of birth to 21 years.
We provide services to children who are facing the following feeding
challenges: food/drink refusal; inability to chew/swallow; sensory-based feeding disorders; anxiety-based feeding disorders; recurrent gagging/vomiting; food/swallowing phobias; food selectivity (by type/texture); mealtime behavioral problems (e.g. tantrums, lengthy meals, grazing, etc.); failure to thrive; and feeding tube dependency.
We look forward to meeting the needs of your child and working with you to bring you the assistance you need!

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