ASP Autism Spectrum Program

As one of the leading regional public school programs for autism in Virginia, SECEP’s Autism Spectrum Program (ASP) provides students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) an educational environment that is designed to meet their individual needs.

ASP addresses the core deficits of ASD through the implementation of evidence-based best practice methodologies.

Instruction is based on state standards and life skills. Classroom staff are trained in basic Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) competencies. ABA principles and procedures, as well as other methodologies, are utilized to structure and organize the educational environment to promote learning. By providing meaningful

opportunities to make choices and initiate communication, we encourage active participation from each student.

Program staff are committed to maintaining a positive, safe approach to teaching and interacting with students. Behavior interventions are designed to teach desirable behaviors and reduce problematic behaviors. Board Certified Behavior Analysts work with classroom staff and students to design, implement and monitor behavior programs.

About SECEP Public School Consortium

In 1978, the school systems of Chesapeake, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Southampton, Suffolk and Virginia Beach established the Southeastern Cooperative Educational Programs (SECEP), with financial assistance from the Virginia Department of Education.

The organization provides a formal structure through which the participating school systems can plan and operate programs for children with special needs. SECEP is a public body established in accordance with the Code of Virginia which provides for the establishment and operation of jointly owned schools.

A Joint Board, made up of a lay member from each participating system’s school board, serves as SECEP’s policy-making board. This Joint Board meets regularly and functions like a local school board.

A Committee of Superintendents, composed of the superintendents of the SECEP participating school systems, recommends program activities, budgets, personnel actions and other items for consideration by the Joint Board.

An Advisory Committee, composed of the directors of Special Education from the SECEP-participating school systems, assists in planning program activities. The Committee functions in an advisory role ensuring that needs for services are identified, and that programs developed are consistent with those needs.

SECEP presently comprises five programs: The Re-ED Program, the Autism Spectrum Program (ASP), Educational and Behavioral Interventions for Challenging Students (EBICS), Tidewater Regional Alternative Education Program (TRAEP), and Raising Expectations and Abilities for Children with Complex Health needs (REACH)

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