SafeinHome is a trusted provider of Remote Supports for people with disabilities throughout Virginia. SafeinHome delivers a complete connected care solution supporting an accessible and safe environment, enabling people with disabilities to live self-directed, independent lives. Unlike traditional remote services, SafeinHome combines friendly, personalized Remote Support services with discreet, easy to use sensor technologies, supporting more freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind for the entire Care Circle. Our highly trained Remote Support Staff respond to various individual needs 24×7 – 365 days/year. All our interactions are recorded, documented, reported on & stored without limitation. Various individual needs or issues include (but are not limited to): ADL’s, safety, security, medication compliance, medical emergencies, general well-being, elopement, fall risk mitigation, support of work activities, seizure management & overnight support. Our services and assistive technology are 100% covered by the ID/DD waivers.