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Comprehensive care for children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders, including cognitive, motor, social, and behavioral needs

The Developmental Pediatrics team at Pediatric Specialists of Virginia (PSV) has unique expertise in caring for children with impairments of typical brain function that often impact their behavior, memory, and ability to learn. These disorders often first appear in early childhood as cognitive, motor, social, and behavioral problems that affect daily life, including school and family.

Developmental Pediatrics is a subspecialty of pediatric neurology, so our approach to evaluating, diagnosing, and developing treatment plans for our patients is based on a comprehensive look at how a child’s learning and behavior are affected by his or her brain, spinal cord, and nervous system. We see new patients up to the age of 18, but will follow your existing child through 23 years of age.

Jacquelyn Calbert, MD – Medical Director of Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics

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