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I am a licensed clinical psychologist located in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. I am licensed to practice in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

My primary focus is children, tweens, adolescents, and parenting concerns. Due to my extensive work with parents, many adults seek out my services for individual therapy. My approach to therapy is rooted in collaborative care and I believe parental/caregiver involvement in therapy is crucial to your child’s success. I look forward to working together and helping you and your family THRIVE!

One of my greatest joys is helping children, adolescents, and families thrive. I also enjoy working with college-aged and early adults as they transition to a new phase of life.

Areas of Expertise

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Depressive Disorders

  • ADHD/Executive Functioning Difficulties

  • Behavior Management/Parenting Skills/Parent Coaching

Address: 8609 2nd Avenue
Address: Suite 404B
City: Silver Spring
State: MD
Postal Code: 20910
Office phone: (301) 660-2600
Website URL: https://www.parentingoncall.com/
Contact Name: Tashya Wilson
Insurance Accepted: https://www.parentingoncall.com/insurance