In 2003, Medical Home Plus (MHP) became incorporated as its own entity. Founded on the principle that every child deserves a Medical Home, Dr. Colleen Kraft, Medical Director, established MHP as an organization that employs parents successfully navigating the system of care for their children. This innovative staffing model has allowed MHP to forge a unique connection with families in need based on experience, empathy and trust.

Medical Home Plus is dedicated to empowering children with special needs and their families by strengthening their pillars of support through education, prevention, resource coordination and advocacy. Our vision is to ensure successful outcomes for children with special needs and their families in Virginia.

  • Address: 1504 Santa Rosa Road
  • City: Richmond
  • State: VA
  • Zip: 23229
  • Contact: Mary Peters
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 804-330-5030
  • Fax: 804-330-5032
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