Autism Grown Up, Inc. is a non-profit organization that primarily serves the autism community online. Our tools and materials are created for autistic people and their support networks to use. We define support network as family members, peers, professionals, employers, and other important stakeholders.

Mission Statement

Autism Grown Up promotes the lives of autistic individuals by educating everyone involved in one’s support network and creating resources to support areas that important to autistics as they grow up and navigate adulthood.

The Lifespan Toolbox

Your spot for info on autism and growing up. There are topics aplenty – all submitted by the autism community – covering the lifespan. Applicable for those who have a younger child on the autism spectrum, teens, and adults. In our experience, it’s never too early to be thinking about adulthood. says: We’ve collected research, lived experiences from autistic people and others supporting them, our professional experience serving the community, and combined it into interactive web pages + PDFs to easily download and share.

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