The Connections Behavior Support program provides home based behavior treatment services for children and adolescents who demonstrate significant impairment in adaptive functioning that is related to either developmental delays or other health conditions.
The main goals of this program are to:-Improve the childs adaptive behaviors; -Train and support families and caregivers to successfully implement and sustain behavior interventions in the home; -Coordinate with other service providers (occupational therapist, speech therapist, pediatrician, PCP and schools) in order to integrate and maintain behavior treatment plans.
Our clinicians meet with families in their home and in the community for up to 19 hours per week. Sessions can be structured in different ways and can range from individual sessions with the child, family sessions and sessions with parent and child.
Our staff has extensive experience providing counseling in the home, and receives comprehensive training and supervision in family therapy, autism specific supports such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other behavioral interventions.
For more information, please contact Hannah Robicheau, M. Ed., BCBA, Richmond Site Director and Connections Program Director

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