At Camp Aristotle, we believe that the summer should be stress-free and full of fun!

Our weekly themes are chosen with input from students because we know that growth happens when children are truly engrossed in what they are doing. Our exciting activities are carefully designed to foster friendships, self-awareness, exploration, and social success.

Many students at Camp Aristotle experience challenges associated with High Functioning Autism, receptive and expressive/pragmatic language challenges, and ADHD; however, not all campers have a formal diagnosis. Students at Camp Aristotle may have trouble with peer relationships and/or impulse control. Sometimes, they have previously experienced unhappiness and frustration in camps where their need for tools such as sensory breaks were not respected or understood. Our teachers and staff are specially trained to understand these needs. Our goal is to provide all of our campers with an enjoyable, fulfilling and bully-free camp experience.

Camp Aristotle accepts rising Pre-K through rising 9th grade campers, with both half day and full day options. The schedule is as follows:

Full day: 8:30am -3:00pm
Half day: 8:30 am -11:45am