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Managing the challenges of Autism and Related Disorders one behavior at a time.
Our Philosophy
Behavioral Framework believes the potential of every child is limitless. We approach each intervention planning from a holistic perspective. We develop a plan that encompasses every environment your child encounters and we collaborate with school, home and community resources to achieve optimal functioning in all settings.
Our Mission
The mission of Behavioral Framework is not to provide a system of behavior management and modification to improve functional living and quality of life.
What We Do
We are a team of licensed behavioral therapists dedicated to using scientific methods to develop skill specific programs that target social significance and improve daily functioning in all areas of life. We utilize ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) methodology to design an individualized program which builds on your childs skill-set and creates a foundation for independence and quality of life for all members of the family unit. The program will develop the critical skills necessary to promote independence while targeting maladaptive behaviors that hinder normative functioning. Our services are provided in both the clinic and home setting depending on the needs of each family.
How We Do It
Parent/Caregiver Consult: This is the first step in developing your childs treatment goals. Who knows your child better than you? Our Licensed Behavior Analyst consults with you to develop a plan based on the areas of concern that most hinder daily functioning. The goal of programming is to build on your childs strengths and teach your child how to communicate effectively in all settings.
Insurance Accepted
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Medicaid Virginia (EPSDT)
Medicaid Maryland
United Behavioral Health
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