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The VCU ACE-IT in College program is a five semester inclusive, on-campus college experience for young adults with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, or autism. With the support of an education coach, ACE-IT in College students take VCU classes and participate in VCU activities. In addition to taking classes, students can participate in internships, employment, service learning, and social experiences, as the goal of the program for each student is competitive employment in an area in which the student is interested and can excel in through taking VCU courses.

Email: [email protected]
Address: 1314 West Main Street, P.O. box 842011
City: Richmond
State: Virginia
Postal Code: 23235
Office phone: 804-371-2887
Website URL: https://aceitincollege.org/" target="_blank">https://aceitincollege.org/
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