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Your child with autism can go to college

Is college an option for my child with autism? Often, the answer is yes, your child with autism can go to college. Whether they are looking at a two-year associate’s program or a four-year bachelor’s program, or even a trade school for vocational training, there are many options. And, they can be successful, though they may need some supports.

ASCV Virtual Grandparents Support Group

Grandparents have a unique role in the lives of their grandchild(ren) with autism, and they are often looked to as an important source of love, guidance, connection, and support. We host a monthly support group for autism grandparents, and this is a great opportunity to ask questions, share resources, and connectque with other grandparents.

No Wrong Door Virginia

When searching for resources, supports and services, people with disabilities often have to tell their story over and over and over and over…….You get the idea.  But what if there was a better way.  What if they could tell their story once.  What if there were a way for that story to be shared safely…