This Explains Everything

In the past two years, in true autistic style, I have researched, taken classes, read, listened to, and gathered every bit of information I possibly could. I still do this. I am always sure I don’t know enough. (Yup, that’s my neurodiversity too.) And as I began helping more adults discover how their brains work, I discovered there is a need for people, who don’t know why they are the way they are, to feel understood, seen, appreciated, and helped. The best way I knew to support the most people was to share some of my story.

Holiday Cookie Exchange

Join CA Human Services Adult Programs Counselors and Clients for an outdoor holiday gathering to spread holiday cheer and exchange cookies! About this event WHO IS INVITED: Neurodivergent adults, transition-age students, adults with disabilities and family members! WHAT TO BRING: Homemade or store bought cookies to share and exchange, your holiday cheer (santa hat, tacky…