5 money saving tips for adults with autism

Just like neurotypical folks, adults with autism can struggle financially to meet their needs and goals. This is especially true as autistics are often under and unemployed. The following is a blog shared with CA by a regular contributor. She describes herself as an adult female with high functioning autism. We found this quite insightful and hope you will too! Here are her 5 money saving tips for adults with autism.  

CRAAG Public Meeting – August

Save the Date – CRAAG Public Meeting – Zoom link will be published in the August-September 2021 newsletter! CRAAG – Charlottesville Regional Autism Action Group. What makes CRAAG unique is our focus on the adult population, a critically under-served group. Action Groups are supported by CA Human Services (cahumanservices.org)

Ausome Movies at Ashland Theatre

A FREE sensory-friendly film series for children with special sensory needs and their families! Ausome Movies at Ashland Theatre is a free monthly program with special adaptations to make the movie viewing experience more sensory friendly. The program creates an inclusive space for families with children on the autism spectrum to enjoy a stress-free show…

Embracing Mindfulness Meditation

No one is “bad at meditating”: Embracing Mindfulness Meditation to Improve Health. There is a large body of research supporting the fact that mindfulness meditation reduces many negative health outcomes, such as heart disease, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and cognitive decline. Why, then, is it not more regularly practiced, especially among helping professionals…

Commonwealth Autism accredited by Standards for Excellence Institute

Commonwealth Autism recently received the Standards for Excellence Institute’s Seal of Excellence for successfully completing their rigorous accreditation program. Commonwealth Autism voluntarily opened itself to analysis by a peer review team over the last 18 months that examined the organization’s compliance with the Standards for Excellence®: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. These standards cover…