6 Steps to Entrepreneurship for Parents With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sometimes, it can be difficult for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to figure out their ideal career path. This is especially true for parents with ASD – finding an employer who understands your personal needs and your responsibilities as a parent isn’t easy. This is why entrepreneurship is a viable, flexible path for parents with ASD. And with support from organizations like CA Human Services, business ownership is within your reach! Following these tips can help you get started as an entrepreneur.

ASCV Speaker Series: Disability as Possibility with Hari Srinivasan

During this presentation, Hari will share insights gathered through his personal experience of autism and discuss his research on the impact of labeling and expectations on life outcomes for students and youth with disabilities. He challenges professionals, educators, and providers to be game changers – adopting a growth mindset, an emphatic discipline, and an approach…