How to connect

When we look at taking care of our minds and bodies, spending time with others may not be the first thing we think of. It is easy in our busy day-to-day lives to feel caught up in our obligations and allow our relationships to fall by the wayside. While we may frequently interact with co-workers,…

New Year’s Resolutions

Similar to resolution setting, CA Adult Programs’ counselors and clients work together to set goals (“resolutions” if you will) on a consistent basis while working towards increasing adulthood autonomy. We are pros at supporting of our clients in progressing towards their long-term goals.

Books on Autism Worth Reading

These 3 e books concerning-older autistic adults, autistic women & how neurotypicals can better Interact with them were published in years 2020 & 2021.  As an older adult female with high functioning autism, I read the following: Autism is a “neurological and developmental disorder.[1] [2] I bought these 3 titles in eBook format for the following…