How to connect

When we look at taking care of our minds and bodies, spending time with others may not be the first thing we think of. It is easy in our busy day-to-day lives to feel caught up in our obligations and allow our relationships to fall by the wayside. While we may frequently interact with co-workers,…

Autism stigmas and me

A stigma is, by definition, “a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality or person.” As research for this blog, I asked for feedback from the autism community, both on social media and from those I know. I also spoke with people who may not be on the spectrum. I was able to compile a massive list of stigmas surrounding autism and other mental health factors. In compiling these lists, we also discussed how we may be able to change that view and help people better understand one another. .

Finding Purpose

Human beings thrive when they have a sense of purpose. This feeling of purpose comes from many different aspects of our lives – family, hobbies, work, etc. We often struggle when an area of our life feels unfulfilled if that’s how we define our purpose.

My Brother, My Friend

“Family is not about blood. It is about who is willing to hold your hand when you need it most.” While reading this quote from Arjun Sathwara, I thought about how I was raised and the family I was brought up in. I’m not related to any of the people who raised me by any…

Autism: 6 ways to build self-esteem

Low self-esteem occurs across all genders, ages, income levels, and disABILITIES. Nuerodivergent adults with autism have a higher occurrence of struggling with self-worth than their neurotypical peers. CA Human Services works with neurodiverse Virginians – typically our clients are adults who have an autism spectrum disorder or similar diagnosis.

ASCV Speaker Series: Morénike Giwa-Onaiwu

More information on the presentation coming soon! Morénike Giwa Onaiwu, PhD(c), MA is an educator, writer, public speaker, parent, and global advocate whose work focuses on meaningful community involvement and leadership, disability, racial, and gender equity, dismantling stigma, and inclusion and empowerment. Often drawing from personal background as a person of color in a neurodiverse…

Balance for the Neurodiverse

Do you ever find yourself trying to balance work, exercise, household cleanliness, a budget, and other daily tasks that can sometimes feel overwhelming to complete? For many neurotypical individuals, it can be difficult to keep track of every aspect of our lives without letting something fall through the cracks for a time before we pick it back up. In this process, we remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can, right? What about that same type of balance for the neurodiverse?

Adult Autistic Support Group

To provide an open and accepting environment to connect with other autistic adults. Meetings will be moderated by a VT clinical psychology graduate clinician; however, any discssion will be mainly facilitated by the autistic adults in the group.   Online support group to discuss what YOU want to talk about. Example past topics: Setting personal…