The ASSET Program through Youth & Family Services of Virginia, Inc. is designed to offer holistic, innovative, research-based treatment to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families. The ASSET Program is designed to improve the functional behaviors of the individual by using and coordinating multi-disciplinary clinical services to increase the adaptive functioning, behavioral skills, social skills and communication skills. Additionally, family members receive the education, support and training needed to reinforce the treatment of their child and to maintain the changes made while in treatment. Families are provided essential case management services to address advocacy within the community including educational advocacy and linkage to therapeutic and medical services pertinent to their child’s needs. Treatment strategies are based primarily on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis, recognized as the leading treatment modality for positive change for this population. Families are served by interdisciplinary teams of Clinicians, BCBA/LBA Supervisors, Engagement Managers and Behavioral Coaches.


Insurance accepted: Medicaid, out of network for Private Insurance and Tricare

  • Address: 300 Arboretum Place
  • City: Richmond
  • State: Virginia
  • Zip: 23236
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (804) 887-2990
  • Web site:
  • Insurance accepted: All Medicaid is accepted. Private insurances are accepted, but Out of Network benefits apply