Virginia Support Group Day Support Program include a community and center-based day support program for individuals with developmental disabilities. We focus on promoting self-confidence and self-worth, while challenging our individuals with building life skills, independence, and becoming active community members.

Group Residential- Centrally located in VA Beach near Town Center, this location allows for a large variety of trips into the community each day.  Trained professionals provide 24-hour support to coach and mentor in all areas of daily living activities. 

VSG provides In-Home Support Services for children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disabilities and related conditions.  Services are flexible in nature and can be short-term or on-going depending on the needs of the individual and/or the family.

  • Address: 4667 Haygood Road
  • City: Virginia Beach
  • State: Virginia
  • Zip: 23455
  • Email:
  • Phone: 757-648-8195
  • Fax: 757-610-9531
  • Web site: