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Formerly LifeMap: Aspergers Success Group, Coaching Program for Young Adults with ASD. The NEW Parent & Caregiver Support Group will debut Spring of 2018, and is open to all parents and caregivers with who have a family member enrolled in the Autism Spectrum Social Skills Group. The Parent and Caregiver Group will take place on the same dates and times as the Autism Spectrum Social Skills Group, making your attendance convenient! Group participation is limited to 12 and if space is available will be open to parents and caregivers that do not have loved ones enrolled in the ASD Social Skills Group.
The Parent & Caregiver Support Group will cover a variety of topics including:

  • Processing challenges specific to raising a child with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis
  • Balancing advocacy for your loved one with self-care, pursuing personal and professional goals
  • Psycho-education on symptoms, parenting techniques, resources, and issues surrounding transitioning to adulthood and independence

The ASD Parent and Caregiver Support Group with be led by a licensed mental health professional with extensive experience working with children with an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. The group will seek to deepen your understanding of your child, while learning specific tools and techniques to further support not only the success of your child but of your entire family.

Address: 9846 Lori Road Suite 201
City: Chesterfield
State: Virginia
Postal Code: 23832
Office phone: (804) 575-5866
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