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T-Ten Services specializes in children from infants to teens with social behavioral and learning delays including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, and ADHD in Loudoun County, VA and surrounding areas.


  • ABA Therapy
    • Individualized standardized assessments, such as the Vineland, PDBI or ABAS-3.
    • Behavior plan
    • Parent training
    • Frequent BCBA Supervision
    • School/Community Collaboration
    • Standardized Curriculums, such VB-MAPP, ABLLS or AFLS
    •  Life Skills
    • Social Skills
    •  Homework Help/Support
    •  Advanced concepts, such as Executive Functioning, ACT (value based goal setting), and Theory of Mind.
  • Academic Support
    • Descriptive assessments, interviews and observations
    • IEP review/Goal development
    • School Shadow
    • Teacher Meetings/Home-School collaboration
    • Teacher/School/Daycare Trainings
    • Classroom Observations
    • Individualized assessments
    • Behavior Plans
    • Homework Help/Support
    • Executive Functioning Support
    • School Refusal
  • Social Groups
    • School-Aged Groups
    • Teen Groups
    • Online Playdates
    • Minecraft Club

Website: https://www.ttenservices.com/

Office phone: 703-574-0350
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