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At Optimal Beginnings, we believe that starting something new is a part of life. Every day people encounter new opportunities, people, ideas, and situations. In embracing those moments, we develop the behaviors that make it possible for us to live in this world.

Our goal is to empower children and young adults diagnosed with developmental delays so they can empower themselves; so they will grow to be independent individuals whose thoughts, opinions, and ideas are solicited, accepted, and valued.


  • ABA Therapy
    • Teaching functional skills that lead to socially significant behaviors.
  • Parent Coaching
    • Helping families to have more meaningful interactions together.
  • Social Skills
    • Therapeutic and recreational opportunities for children to learn and develop socialization among peers.
  • Speech
    • Through innovative skill-based treatment, speech and language treatment aims to provide functional, socially-appropriate movement experiences that help to regulate, delight, and challenge the child.

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