Inside Out Learners provides social skills instruction, academic tutoring, summer camps, social clubs, Sibshops, a special kind of book club, and more through a variety of engaging activities for both, neurodiverse AND neurotypical learners.

Social Skills Programs: At Inside Out Learners, we use a social-cognitive approach tailored to help individuals learn how to share space with others more effectively. Some of the many concepts we teach include how to: manage anxiety, improve executive functioning, read non-verbal social cues and body language, regulate emotions, think more flexibly, and improve conversational skills, among many others. Our small group design presents a safe and structured environment to facilitate positive social interactions that participants can generalize into other settings.

Academic Tutoring Program: Our licensed teachers work 1:1 with learners to address literacy and/or math challenges through fun and engaging activities. Although we provide tutoring services for math, we specialize in literacy using the Science of Reading approach. Once the student has been assessed for specific areas of need, an individualized literacy program is developed to help strengthen the child’s literacy skills. Our teachers engage in continuous professional development to ensure that we are using the latest research-based strategies for math and reading instruction.

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