First-time clients in the City of Lynchburg, and counties of Campbell, Amherst, and Appomattox can be seen at Horizon’s Langhorne Wellness Center. The Admissions department is the primary contact for all new clients. The first step is to call our admissions number at 434-477-5000 to set up a client profile and schedule an assessment.

We offer evidenced-based assessments both in-person and via telehealth which guide individuals and families to make informed choices about their care. Based on the assessment, Horizon will provide recommendations for services that are the best-fit for your or your oved one and help you schedule your first appointment. Horizon also maintains strong partnerships with other community organizations and service providers to ensure a seamless referral process for clients who require services outside of our existing portfolio of services.

2215 Langhorne Rd.
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
226 Union Boulevard
Appomattox, Virginia 24522
7777 Village Highway
Concord, Virginia 24538
1409 Ole Dominion Blvd.
Bedford, Virginia 24523
2235 Landover Place
Lynchburg, Virginia 24501
37 Village Hwy.
Rustburg, Virginia 24588
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