Far Beyond LLC is an in-home service provider for individuals with various developmental disabilities. We implement a three year service program that is highly individualized to each client to ensure maximum progress.

Services are requested at four 6 month intervals to funding sources unless one of the following exemptions exist: other services are deemed more appropriate, the funding source denies the request, or it is determined the service environment in non-therapeutic).

We design high quality, unique, and data driven treatment plans to improve the lives of individuals with various developmental disorders (see list below). In addition to working directly with individuals, we collaborate and train parents, caregivers, and professionals to extend the treatment to all aspect of the individual’s life.

  • Address: 10530 Warwick Ave Ste C2
  • City: Fairfax
  • State: Virginia
  • Zip: 22030
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 703-994-4754 ext. 0
  • Fax: 571-384-5815
  • Web site: https://farbeyond.us/index.html