Our mission is pursuing opportunities to partner with individuals with a developmental disability in their quest of achieving independence, productivity and integration. We have a vision to endlessly seek to be the best resource of supports for the developmental disability population. At DIVERSITY we have an “anything is possible” attitude. If you can dream it, we do our best to help you to achieve it! Our motto of “Together we are Building Futures and Changing Lives!” is at the core of who we are and how we help to make these goals a reality. We are a dynamic human service organization that provides a variety of innovative supports to meet the needs of individuals with a developmental disability or a dual diagnosis of a developmental disability/mental illness.
Developmental disabilities include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, down syndrome, etc. The individuals that we support have goals that include having a better quality of life; making a meaningful contribution to the community, being more productive and independent; and so many more. We are constantly creating and building community partnerships by thinking outside of the box. These connections help us to grow, be valued and truly be a part of our community. We develop our programs based on the needs of the individuals that we support. DIVERSITY is licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and accepts Virginia’s Building Independence Waiver, Family and Individual Support Waiver and the Community Living Waiver for services.