A driver’s license means so much more than simply being able to drive. It represents freedom and independence and is a sign of adulthood. For an autistic person, driving may seem out of reach. Driving with Autism s excited to introduce a program designed to help an autistic person navigate all of the steps necessary to safely drive on their own.

We are proud to offer “Driving With Autism: A Supportive Webinar.” This 7-part webinar series is taught by a live, virtual expert instructor and focuses on the very specific training needs of autistic individuals. The series focuses on one topic per week and teaches it in a way that is easy to digest and gives students the space to process the information before we move on. The topics include:

  • Motivation: Starting the Driving Journey and Roadmap
  • Parents: Accepting Your New Driver’s Motives and Moving Forward
  • Adding Driving Goals To Your IEP
  • Managing Changes And Anxiety
  • Sensory Processing And Limiting Sensory Overload
  • Understanding Police Interactions And Solutions
  • Financial Basics of Driving 101
  • Bringing It All Together – Taking That First Step

Website: https://autismdriving.com/


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