Crisis Supports for the Autism Community

This resource was developed to aide crisis center workers in identifying and supporting autistic callers/ texters who are in crisis. A person with autism may or may not disclose their diagnosis to a crisis center worker or even be aware they are on the autism spectrum, yet still need individualized, specific support. This resource includes ways to identify potential callers/texters who show autistic traits and characteristics, as well as ways to support an autistic person in crisis. The resource also explains the unique differences in communication, thought processes, sensory issues, and misunderstandings a crisis worker may encounter while helping an autistic person in crisis.

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Provided by the American Association of Suicidology – visit their website here:

The Committee has developed two free resources to help crisis center workers, mental health professionals, and others better support autistic individuals who are at risk for suicide:

Their goal is to increase awareness that autistic individuals experience elevated rates of suicidal thoughts and behaviors, with suicide being one of the leading causes of premature death in autistic people. Autistic people need specific resources for suicide prevention and crisis support, which has motivated this Committee to publish these free resources.

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