Invest in Independence

The Invest in Independence Scholarship Fund enables young adults with autism to participate in CA’s transformative Residential Program at little or no cost.

Autism is a lifelong journey. The costs associated with care and services, according to a recent study, are upwards of $1.4 million* over a lifespan. Receiving care and access to services and support to live independently shouldn’t be out of reach due to the inability to afford it. The Invest in Independence Scholarship Fund will cover all expenses for room and board, intensive life skills services and coaching for an economically disadvantaged young person with autism who would otherwise be unable to participate in this life changing program.

Your support is critical to providing program accessibility to adults with developmental disabilities such as autism. Please donate and share!

CA Human Services works to improve the lives of Virginians with autism and other developmental disabilities. For over 25 years we’ve been advocating, enabling, and creating change by closing gaps in services for the Neurodiverse community.


Invest in Independence

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