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“Know Thyself”: The Fundamental Importance of Autistic Self-Knowledge

February 25, 2021 @ 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

The ancient Greeks left us an important reminder carved in stone at Delphi, «Γνωθι Σ’αυτόν» (“Know Thyself”). Self-knowledge is essential, and is the right of all, including your child with autism. In this webinar, Catherine Faherty covers that rationale and the practical, lifelong steps to support your child or teenager engage in the process of self-knowledge. Catherine will help to dispel the anxiety or hesitation of parents questioning the need to talk with their child and family members about autism.

By attending, participants can:

  • Identify the reasons for supporting your child’s self-knowledge about autism.
  • Describe a method to begin a discussion about autism with your child (that could also include other family members).
  • Describe at least one “autism-friendly” method of communicating with your child when your child is unable or unwilling to talk with you, or when you must talk about difficult-to-talk-about topics.

Since the 1980’s Catherine Faherty’s adventures in the autism community have spanned classrooms, job sites, homes and clinics. Beginning in the 1990’s, through her classroom teaching, clinical work, and books, Faherty championed the right of children and teens to learn about their diagnosis, while supporting their families, teachers, and therapists with practical, down-to-earth strategies. Her first book, Aspergers…What Does It Mean To Me? (2000) and it’s current expanded version, Autism…What Does It Mean To Me? (2014) were among the very first books written directly for children focusing on self-knowledge and mutual understanding with their families and teachers, and are still considered classics on the topic. Faherty is committed to supporting self-knowledge and self-advocacy, courageously facing topics such as children learning about their diagnosis of autism (when it was controversial to do so). Over the years she has worked to improve communication in relationships between autistic and non-autistic people, to connect autistic women with other autistic women, and to educate about illness, death, sexual violence, and other difficult-to-talk-about topics. Faherty is an innovative teacher of children, trainer, consultant, and mentor of young professionals. She works nationally and internationally, as a former TEACCH® Certified Advanced Consultant, and is a Carol Gray’s Social Story™ instructor. Catherine Faherty is currently teaching webinars sponsored by national and international groups, on a variety of autism-related topics.

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