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Work Groups

CRAAG formed three Work Groups targeted to different populations of adults with developmental disabilities and autism. Each group focuses on expanding housing options, supports and services for their population. We are still recruiting additional members for each group, and hope you will consider joining one. This is a great opportunity to meet and connect with other families with similar needs.

The Work Groups are:

24/7 Supports
Target population: Adults who need 24/7 in-person and/or episodic supports.

Primary focus: Identify innovative housing and service strategies to meet unique needs.

Maximizing Independence
Target population: Adults, with and without waivers, who wish to live independently, with supports, outside the family home.

Primary focus: Identify strategies to maximize independence through innovative housing solutions and social engagement.

Preparing for Life After High School
Target population: School-age children and adults in transition from High School (under age 22)

Primary focus: Raise awareness and provide the necessary information and
tools to plan for the future.

Goals for Each Work Group

Each Work Group will be co-chaired by a CRAAG parent and a professional.
The Work Groups will meet monthly or as needed. These are the common goals for all the Work Groups:

• Recruit participants and assess educational needs.
• Highlight challenges, needs and opportunities.
• Clarify the waiver services available to the target population.
• Address needs of adults with and without waivers.
• Establish network of those with similar challenges and needs.
• Develop models for family-driven and public solutions.
• Identify provider gaps and advocacy needs.
• Maximize social engagement strategies to address loneliness and

CRAAG Reorganization and Work Group Proposal – April 28, 2021

Questions? Interested in joining a Work Group? Email and let us know!

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