Call for Posters

The poster session will be held on March 9th, from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


Thank you for your interest in attending the poster session for our 20th Annual Autism Conference. We’re excited to showcase and promote your research!


In order to attend, please arrive with all materials by 3:30 PM. This will ensure posters are set up and presenters are ready before the final session ends. All individuals will be able to check in at the front, and will be guided to the room where posters will be displayed.

For more information on poster requirements and specifications, please keep reading.

Register to Present

Registration is required in order to present during our Poster Session. You are able to register yourself as an individual, or register some or all students in a shared course.


You may register by filling out the form below. Registration is required by December 17th, 2021. CA Human Service is not able to ensure anyone who registers after this date will be able to present.

Content Requirements

CA wants students to display the work that is important to them. We encourage you to present on whatever research and information ignites your passion. However, we do have a few requirements for poster content that we ask all presenters to be cognizant of. These include…

  • Utilize person-first language whenever possible and appropriate
  • Center poster content around autism, neurodivergence, or developmental disabilities
  • When speaking about autism, avoid using words such as disease or cure.

In addition, our Conference attendees are a diverse group and not all attendees will be scholars or researchers. When possible, please use language that is clear and accessible for all audience members.

Don’t Forget! We want you to use this opportunity to showcase you and your research. Please include contact information and links to your website, if applicable, so Conference attendees can learn more about your work.

Size and Display Requirements

Please make sure your poster is within size and display requirements. Posters which do not meet these requirements may not be eligible for the session.

Size: Posters should be 36″ x 48″ if presented on a trifold. Single-sheet posters should be no larger than 48″ x 36.”

Graphics: Posters should be easily legible from six feet away. Font should be no smaller than 18 pt., and text should be dark against a light background. Please do not use any images which are copyrighted and for which you do not own the copyright.

Display: There will not be enough display methods for all posters. CA requests you bring a poster which can stand on its own, such as a trifold, or provide your own easel or display method.

Interested in Attending The Full Conference?

Students who are participating in the poster session and would also like to attend one or both days of the Conference are able to redeem a student discount. To claim this discount and purchase tickets, please email CA’s Marketing and Programs Coordinator, Cameron Kelley.

Still Unsure About Your Posters Content and Visuals?